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Coronis Systems is a market leader for wireless sensor and RFID solutions. The Coronis range of ultra low power products is ideal for establishing wireless mesh networks within a 4km radius, or, through a series of repeaters, across several kilometers for a wide range of applications such as Automatic Meter Reading, Telemetry, Security, Data Collection, Asset & Temperature Tracking and more.



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Intelligent wireless transceiver and data logger for today's most demanding smart gas, water and electric metering applications. Includes customizable metering profile firmware.





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Advanced wireless transceiver and data logger for sensor devices, such as pressure, vibration, hygrometry and more. Supports voltage (0-5V) or current (4-20mA) output types.





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Wireless on/off monitor and controller for managing state-generating sensors and actuators remotely. For pulse or level generating devices and sending commands to actuators.





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Wireless temperature monitor, data logger and transceiver for real-time monitoring in cold-chain and climate control applications. Supports the market's leading temperature probes.





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Wavetic is a Wireless Electricity meter transceiver and data logger dedicated to French Electronics meters





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